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As part of a Fidelity branch, you’ll utilize our innovative solutions to build relationships with our customers. Each member of our team plays a role in growing and maintaining that relationship and in advancing their own careers. As we continue to create opportunities for our customers, we’re creating great opportunities for you.

Explore Fidelity roles below:

  • Specialty Roles

Financial Representative

Make your first step a giant one.

While greeting every customer who walks through our doors, you’ll support the operations of your entire Fidelity Branch. Most of your day will be spent answering questions, processing transactions, placing trades and making deposits for our customers.

Throughout the day, you’ll also work with everyone from Financial Consultants to your Branch Manager to prepare for client meetings, review paperwork and keep our entire operation running smoothly and efficiently.

This is a fast-paced, high-volume role and it’s a great starting point for someone interested in a career in financial services. You don’t need experience, but you must have knowledge of the financial markets and the ability to manage many tasks at once. To start, you won’t need a Series 7 licensure, but you will need to earn it in your first six months with Fidelity.

From here, two popular career paths exist. These are the Relationship Manager or Investment Consultant roles.

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A day in the life of a Financial Representative

Opportunities & Career Paths

Relationship Manager

More than a support role.

Working as part of our investment team, you’ll partner closely with Financial Consultants to help manage all of their customers. This will include working with clients directly, reviewing opportunities and setting up appointments with potential clients.

Utilizing your customer service skills, you’ll also build a rapport with customers and have a mastery of Fidelity’s products. This role is about more than just selling a product to a customer. At Fidelity, you’ll work to align customers with our products – putting them with a product that’s right for what they need.

From here, you can choose an operations- or sales-facing career. If you excel at service and operations, consider a Branch Service Manager role. If you prefer financial planning and sales, consider our wealth management path. This includes the Investment Consultant and then progresses to Financial Consultant roles.

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A day in the life of a Relationship Manager

Opportunities & Career Paths

Investment Consultant

Your goals: Plan and grow.

While working with existing clients, referrals and walk-in clients, you’ll turn warm leads into customers and hone your relationship building and financial planning expertise. Your clients are typically those with mid-range assets and you’ll spend most of your time conducting comprehensive, financial planning reviews of their portfolios.

To succeed in this high-volume position, you must have demonstrated success in a consultative sales role as well as some financial planning experience. Since you’ll be working closely with customers on their financial plans, the ability to build relationships is important, and the ability to close is a must.

The typical progression from this role would be an Financial Consultant opportunity.

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A day in the life of an Investment Consultant

Opportunities & Career Paths

Financial Consultant

Build relationships and much more.

Get ready to do what you do best. Whether in person at one of our branch offices or over the telephone, Fidelity clients expect an exceptional level of service. As one of our Financial Consultants, you'll be on hand to deliver exactly that. Alongside a range of innovative solutions to offer your clients, you'll also enjoy the support of a well-rounded team of professionals and have full access to some of the best resources and tools in the industry - all of which will allow you to produce comprehensive plans for clients each and every time.

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Financial Consultant Opportunities

From here, you’ll have the opportunity to become a VP, Financial Consultant, Branch Manager or a specialty role like a Regional Planning Consultant, Executive Services or Wealth Management Advisor.

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A day in the life of a Financial Consultant

Opportunities & Career Paths

VP, Financial Consultant

Billions of responsibilities.

As a VP, Financial Consultant, you’ll work with some of our wealthiest clients in order to build their assets and our business. While handling millions, if not billions of dollars worth of investments, you’ll also work with your support team to find new Fidelity products that fit your customers’ investment needs.

As a senior leader in the branch, you’ll help create a culture of success among the team and mentor others. You must have leadership qualities, as well as extensive success in effectively managing and growing your book. You must also be an expert in the financial market, as well as in Fidelity’s product offerings.

From here, you’ll have the opportunity to become an Assistant Branch Manager or move into a Specialty role like a Regional Planning Consultant, Executive Services or Wealth Management Advisor.

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A day in the life of a VP, Financial Consultant

Opportunities & Career Paths

Branch Service Manager

The backbone of our operations for our busiest branches.

Focused on the operations side of the business, the Branch Service Manager works to run the office operations, and establish and oversee a strong compliance culture while managing support resources. You’ll work with the Branch Manager to keep the entire office running smoothly, meet with clients and motivate your team.

You’ll need a background in running an office, as well as experience in financial services. An operations or compliance background is essential. Knowledge of the depth and breadth of financial services products, processes and operations is a must, as is the ability to multi-task in our fast-paced environment.

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A day in the life of a Branch Service Manager

Opportunities & Career Paths

Assistant Branch Manager

Make the step to management.

If your aspirations are to run your own branch, this role is your first step. You’ll learn everything you need to know about managing a branch, including assisting in the hiring process, learning firsthand how to run a successful and compliant office, coaching and mentoring associates, training and motivating your team and developing your local market.

You’ll need a background in sales, as well as an extensive knowledge of financial services. A strong understanding of compliance is a must, as is experience influencing and leading teams of sales people.

From here, you’ll have the opportunity to become a Branch Manager.

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A day in the life of an Assistant Branch Manager

Opportunities & Career Paths

Branch Manager

Call all the shots.

While overseeing billions of dollars of our customers’ assets, you’ll lead every aspect of your entire branch. This could include sitting in on customer meetings, setting branch goals, building and maintaining a strong sales team and developing local marketing plans.

You’ll need a track record of successful sales experience, as well as proven experience leading a team. A mastery of our products is a must, as is extensive knowledge of the financial services industry. Team-building, leadership, coaching and effective communication skills are essential.

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A day in the life of a Branch Manager

Opportunities & Career Paths

Regional Planning Consultant

Teach, lead, mentor and grow.

You’ll support two to three branches to provide coaching and development for Investment Consultants, Financial Consultants and VP, Financial Consultants. This could involve providing expertise and guidance, teaching sales skills, mentoring, providing one-on-one support and leading client seminars.

You must have exceptional coaching skills, as well as presentation and influencing skills. Expertise in the financial industry is a must, as is knowledge of Fidelity’s product offerings.

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A day in the life of a Regional Planning Consultant

Opportunities & Career Paths

Executive Services

Your potential for greatness has a new home.

Primarily working with high net-worth executives, you’ll utilize your institutional sales skills and experience working with C-level professionals to help build their assets. You’ll also bridge the workplace world and act as a Financial Consultant for these senior executives and their 401(k) sponsors.

You must have experience working with high net-worth products and services, and have individual planning expertise with 401(k) accounts.

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A day in the life of an Executive Services

Opportunities & Career Paths

Wealth Management Advisor

Your clients: Our most exclusive clients.

Working with clients who have at least $3 million in assets, and often acting as a fiduciary, you’ll provide services that include estate planning and trust management. You’ll partner with an SAE in a branch to build your book of business and work with clients to understand their individual plans.

Your clients will expect you to have an expert-level knowledge of the financial markets, trusts and estate plans, as well as successful experience. You’ll also need exceptional communication and teamwork skills, as you’ll be supported by other members of the branch.

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A day in the life of a Wealth Management Advisor

Opportunities & Career Paths

Regional Relationship Manager

Work with some of our largest clients.

You’ll support either our Executive Services roles or our Wealth Management roles and provide guidance while working with complex products and services for our higher-level clients.

This role require individuals with experience working with C-level executives and handling complex financial planning issues. Exceptional communication skills are essential.

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A day in the life of a Regional Relationship Manager

Opportunities & Career Paths

Workplace Planning & Guidance Consultant

Put your experience to work.

You’ll work with 401(k) and 403(c) participants in order to increase employee enrollment and help them rollover their existing funds. As one of the only positions that’s typically not sitting in our branches, the Workplace Planning & Guidance Consultant spends a great deal of time on the road – working directly with customers – sometimes even in an office on-site at the client’s place of work.

This role offers both junior level and senior level positions. The senior level offers a higher level of planning and complexity. You’ll need to be a self-starter who can thrive outside of the branch office. Also, you must have experience with the tax-exempt market as well as planning experience.

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A day in the life of a Tax-Exempt Manager

Opportunities & Career Paths

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