Women in Finance

You never know what it takes to be a success at something until you try. For the women who thrive at Fidelity, we know that our strengths deliver amazing results: the ability to respond with compassion and respect, the insights that underpin the achievement of long-term goals, and the pride that comes with getting the details just right.

Whether you are coming to us fresh from college, transitioning from a different profession altogether, or looking for a great work/life balance after becoming a parent, we can provide you with outstanding training on our financial solutions and technologies. Not to mention the support and recognition you need to become one of our leading women.

Who better to tell you about being a female at Fidelity than the talented women who are already building great futures with us? From growth opportunities to a diverse client base, our women explain what makes Fidelity such a special place to work.

Employee Quotes

A shared purpose

Whatever their job title, background or career goals, the women who work here all share one thing in common – they’re part of a company that respects, values and rewards their contributions. Join Fidelity, and you’ll experience it firsthand. You’ll discover an environment with a supportive, collaborative culture: one where you’re actively encouraged to grow on a professional and personal level as you learn valuable new skills, strengthen your existing talents, make important connections and deliver first-class service to each and every customer.

Kathy Murphy, President of Personal Investing:

Kathy Murphy

"Today women comprise only a small percentage of advisors in the industry. I can tell you in summary that our data shows that we are above the industry average and we continue to have a focused priority on attracting more women to financial services and to Fidelity as an employer of choice.

We believe it's critical that we showcase these career opportunities for women in the profession, the excellent training and development programs available, and the fact that a wide range of educational backgrounds and skill sets could effectively translate into great success as financial professionals. We need to demystify the idea that only finance and economics majors apply, and encourage a wider range of thinkers, problem solvers and relationship builders."

The Women's Leadership Group (WLG)

The WLG was established to provide women at Fidelity with an opportunity to build relationships and develop professionally. Through a combination of networking events, leadership programs, mentoring and volunteering opportunities, the WLG encourages women to share experiences and best practices: ultimately empowering one another to succeed in achieving their goals, and help Fidelity do the same. You can learn more about the WLG here

Do you have what it takes?

We asked a number of our current female employees to describe what they thought made for career success at Fidelity. Some of the characteristics and attributes they mentioned included:


Women Working in Financial Services