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Program Overview

Fidelity Corporate Audit is responsible for providing independent, objective audit and advisory services that help Fidelity manage risk, improve customer service, and enhance business performance. We partner with Fidelity’s businesses to protect, enable, and lead the way to a stronger Fidelity. The Audit team has a presence where Fidelity has large-scale operations, including Boston, MA; Denver, CO; Merrimack, NH; Smithfield, RI; Jersey City, NJ; Dallas, TX; Covington, KY; Toronto (Canada); and Bangalore (India).

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Corporate Audit Mission

The mission of Fidelity Corporate Audit is to provide independent and objective audit and advisory services that help Fidelity manage risk, improve customer service, and enhance business performance.

This mission is accomplished through:

  • Assessing the adequacy and effectiveness of controls, risk management, compliance and governance processes.
  • Reporting on issues and solutions that improve Fidelity's control environment
  • Responding to change with a sense of urgency through continuous risk assessment and resource allocation
  • Providing audit advisory services on new and changing products and systems
  • Developing talented professionals for audit and leadership positions

Career Opportunities

As a member of our Audit team, you will be able to develop and master the communication, leadership, analytical and strategic thinking skills necessary to grow a lasting and successful career with Fidelity. We build our audit teams with multiple full-time positions across various teams:

Training and Development

How Fidelity grows as a company directly relates to how our employees grow as individuals. That's why we strive to provide our employees with the most extensive introductory and ongoing training possible. As soon as people begin working at Fidelity, they go through an extensive orientation program that helps them familiarize themselves with the company and their place in it. Then they're ready to begin work with a solid understanding of their jobs. But Fidelity doesn't think education should end here - within the company or outside of it. Click here to learn more.

Program Model

Fidelity Corporate Audit Development Program

Our Corporate Audit Development Program offers a unique opportunity to work in a professional team environment on a wide variety of assignments while interacting with Fidelity's senior business leaders. During the course of this program, participants can experience continuously increasing responsibilities and expanding roles that can lead to Audit leadership positions or other opportunities at Fidelity.


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