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Fidelity Business Consulting (FBC)

Fidelity Business Consulting (FBC) is a 84-person consulting group within Fidelity Investments. The group's mission is to partner with senior Fidelity leadership teams (e.g. Office of the Chairman, Management Committee, Business Unit Presidents) as a trusted advisor to solve their most critical business issues. The primary areas of focus for the consulting practice are strategy development and operational improvement. Typical engagements involve identifying and launching growth initiatives, managing or facilitating cross-enterprise initiatives, or addressing difficult operational issues. In addition to its core mission of providing consulting services, FBC develops strong leadership talent to fill critical management positions across the firm.

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FBC drives business results through analytical thinking, broad financial services expertise, and deep Fidelity enterprise knowledge. FBC operates similarly to a niche consulting firm where clients engage the group’s services to answer complex questions requiring independent perspectives or specific capabilities.

As a corporate function, FBC supports all business units. Because of its unique position at the center of Fidelity, FBC is able to add value not only through the application of core consulting skills, but also by drawing connections across diverse business units and ensuring strategic and operational alignment. The majority of the work involves some aspect of strategy development or operational improvement, and may include:

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Fidelity Business Consulting combines the challenges and professional development of a consulting firm with the opportunity to work for a leading financial services enterprise. While in the group you have the opportunity to develop deep expertise in financial services and across multiple sectors. FBC is a highly collegial, close-knit group. The unique culture allows for appreciation of different perspectives and methodologies due to the nature of the broad and diverse backgrounds of the group. Also, due to the structure of the group and the location of the work, overnight travel is limited and work is managed at a sustainable pace.

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Fidelity Business Consulting

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