Corporate Services

Corporate Services at Fidelity provides specialized support, guidance, and expertise to businesses across the enterprise. Human Resources, Legal, and Security are examples of functions comprising Corporate Services. Their activities touch every department and organization within Fidelity.

Corporate Services' span of influence includes:

  • Creating programs and plans necessary to secure continued business operations after an unexpected disruption across the enterprise
  • Providing guidance and services to protect safety of Fidelity employees and the environment in which we work
  • Optimizing our investment in our people through a total rewards system and talent strategy supporting the goals of the company
  • Developing, managing, and enforcing legal and regulatory programs and procedures for conducting business activities
  • Creating, producing, and conducting training programs that develop employee and client skills and knowledge.

Qualifications Desired:

Many of the positions in Corporate Services require advanced degrees, specialized training, and experience. Knowledge of Fidelity corporate structure, critical areas, functions, and senior leaders is valuable.

Proven leadership, organizational, and management skills are strongly preferred for Corporate Services functions. Ability to work effectively with senior management, excellent communication skills, ability to develop practical solutions to business issues, program, and project management experience are desired.

Positions related to Corporate Services include: