Marketing / Advertising / Media / Communication

As a professional working in these areas, you will communicate the Fidelity brand to our customers. You will define product offerings, understand target audiences, and find innovative ways to build marketplace awareness. You will conduct research and analysis to learn more about our diverse client base, and adapt our branding strategies.

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Your responsibilities may include any of the following areas:

  • Create, deliver, execute, and manage marketing programs, strategies, plans, and initiatives
  • Build compelling content for email, print, and Internet
  • Use Internet-rich media – videos, podcasts, blogs, calculators, to help consumers obtain information and keep them engaged
  • Consult to individual and corporate customers.

Qualifications desired:

  • Excellent communicator – both written and oral
  • Strategic thinker with solid business acumen
  • Experienced in creating high-impact PR campaigns
  • Strong working knowledge of the news media and business press with some financial services experience
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects
  • Knowledge of financial services products and services

Positions related to Marketing/ Advertising/ Media/Communication include:

  • Advertising/Creative Services/Copywriting
  • Marketing Communications
  • Public Affairs
  • Direct Marketing
  • Segment Marketing
  • Web Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Market Research and Analysis