Payroll & Benefits Outsourcing

Professionals in this area work in a team-based atmosphere, and are responsible for developing, implementing, selling and servicing Payroll and Benefits products and maintaining strong relationships with current and potential Payroll outsourcing and Benefits administration clients.

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Your responsibilities may include any of the following areas:

  • Lead product strategy to support growth of the Payroll business (Fidelity Human Resources Services) serving a wide range of client companies
  • Develop products to meet the Payroll outsourcing and benefits administration needs of companies of varying size and complexity
  • Provide consulting advice to clients regarding their Payroll or benefits systems, processes, and/or programs
  • Ensure that the operational services and processes provided to a client meet their outsourcing needs
  • Act as the knowledge expert relative to clients' plan level provisions and recordkeeping processes

Qualifications desired:

  • A deep knowledge in the areas of Payroll outsourcing or benefits administration and processing
  • Ability to provide thought, leadership and direction to cross-functional teams working together to develop, implement, sell, or service Payroll products
  • Results oriented, and ability to produce high-quality work within tight deadlines
  • An orientation to providing the best service to clients and customers

Positions related to Payroll and Benefits Outsourcing include:

  • Implementation
  • Operations
  • Client Service
  • Benefits Consulting
  • Sales
  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Training

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