This site contains general information regarding certain benefit plans offered by Fidelity Investments and its affiliated companies ("Fidelity" or "the Company"). The benefits described on this page are available only to eligible employees, as defined by the plans, of certain Fidelity companies.

The language used on this page is not intended to create, nor is it to be construed to create, a contract between Fidelity and any one of its employees or former employees. In the event that the information on this page conflicts with or is inconsistent with the provisions of the plan documents, the provisions of the applicable plan and/or any related insurance contract are controlling and will govern.

Enrollment in Fidelity's benefit plans is subject to all limitations of the plans, including any pre-existing condition exclusions, elimination periods, at-work requirements, and hourly eligibility requirements. Fidelity Investments reserves the right to change, suspend, withdraw, modify, or terminate these plans in whole or in part at any time.