Training and Development at Fidelity

One of Fidelity's most valued assets is its employees. We are committed to providing comprehensive, cutting edge technology and training to ensure that our people have the right skills and knowledge at the right time.

Fidelity has created an award-winning Web site to help our associates develop their capabilities in ways that are uniquely engaging and accelerate integration of new skills.

Our rewarding development initiatives help guarantee exceptional employee ability in the marketplace; make certain that our customers have a one-of-a-kind experience; and differentiate us from any other employers' career paths.



Continuous improvement and a culture of high standards drive a robust offering of professional development products for associates across the firm at all levels.

Fidelity offers a range of classroom and online courses and resources to help employees. Developing professional skills helps you and Fidelity. As employees learn more, they help Fidelity achieve its business goals and create future opportunities for themselves.

"Best professional development class at Fidelity. I think many of the concepts (i.e. .goals, tracking, key performance indicators) should be incorporated to support adherence."
– John, HR Services

Job, Client, Product, Service - Specific

job, client, product

Ensuring all of associates have the right tools, knowledge and capability to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction that maintains our advantage in the market.

At Fidelity, you receive best-in-class on-boarding and orientation training for roles that require the highest standards in industry products, knowledge and service capabilities. From our call service representatives, to our traders on the floor, to our product specialists in Personal and Workplace Investing - all have the highest level of training required.



Fidelity is on the cutting edge in its technology and systems architecture, and makes significant annual investments in its technology development opportunities.

Fidelity provides access to training programs recommended by leaders in the field to continually educate its technologists in the newest technologies. Employees can also take advantage of the many available business and financial industry courses, and Web sites sponsored by Fidelity companies, to provide comprehensive information about the firm's core businesses and products supported by the enterprise. Additionally, Fidelity provides an extensive online library of the most recent technology-based readings and seminars in the industry.

Leadership and Management

Leadership Development

Building a pipeline of strong leaders from Fidelity's front lines to the most senior executives.

Fidelity's ongoing growth demands strong leadership across the firm. We offer a comprehensive set of development opportunities that drive programmatic, blended and action-based learning for our leaders across all levels: front-line leaders, mid-level leaders, executives and high-potential talent. The goal is to ensure a strong pipeline and succession of leadership for the firm. Fidelity provides some of the best leadership development in the industry by combining internal assessment and design with input from some of the best thought leaders in the world.

"Because of my improved delegation skills I now have better diversity on my team... My team is being developed in a much better way."
– Laura, Institutional Products Gropus

Future Leaders


The General Manager Apprenticeship Program

The General Management Apprenticeship program is a company-wide, two-year rotational program designed to accelerate and develop high-potential talent by providing the leadership training and business challenges that propel individuals into management roles within the company.

This fast-track program builds leadership skills and depth of experience through work in diverse business groups. Four six-month rotational assignments in different business groups and functions increase employee understanding of Fidelity and what is necessary to achieve results in a competitive and innovative environment.

Leadership Success Profile: Defined Success

Leadership Success

Growth requires leaders who can achieve sustainable results and guide their organizations through continuous change.

Leaders must create a work environment where employees understand the business direction and goals, focus on key priorities, and take intelligent risks. Leadership is essential to Fidelity's ability to grow the business and provide innovative solutions to meet customers' changing needs.

Fidelity's Leadership Success Profile defines leadership expectations for leaders at all levels in Fidelity. It honors our heritage of strong leadership, and acknowledges the challenges and opportunities we face in growing the business for the future. It provides the foundation to build a strong leadership bench by supporting the ongoing development of all of our leaders.

"Last month every rep in the department met their goal and are now being recognized by the organization for that. this is a direct result of the coaching that I was able to provide."
– Kathleen, Shared Services

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