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Our Beliefs & Values

These values were instrumental in building Fidelity's proud past, and they will be the foundation of our promising future.

  • The customer is always first

    Our customers have to be able to trust us with complete faith to manage and help secure their financial futures. Our business is based on developing long-term relationships built on this trust. The way to build those relationships is by doing the right thing for our customers every single time. This is not only the right thing to do ethics-wise; it's the right thing to do business-wise. Our founding principle six decades ago, it rings as true today.

  • Respect for employees and respect for each other

    We must always be a company of good, decent people who treat each other as they would want to be treated. Just as we are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers, we are a company built on relationships with each other - relationships within groups, across departments and business units, and increasingly across time zones, geographies, and cultures. Respecting these relationships is at the very core of how we must behave as people and as an organization.

  • Integrity and honesty above all

    Acting with integrity and honesty goes to the very essence of everything we do for our customers, and also to our respect for each other. Cutting a corner; not adhering strictly to the laws, regulations and ethics that govern our company; or not giving your best effort, tarnishes the company and, therefore, each of us. At the end of the day, integrity and honesty are what our company's name means, and that should mean everything to us.

  • A hunger for innovation and improvement

    Fidelity has always been at its best when it's looking forward, innovating, and trying new things. While we're always looking for the next big idea, the countless little things we can do each day to improve a product, a service, or a process, - kaizen, in other words - is at least as important. At Fidelity, ideas come from everywhere, not just from the top. So every bit as essential to coming up with a way to improve what we do is listening to those making the suggestions.

  • Winning and competitiveness

    Winners by just about any measure, we've become the successful company we are by adhering to our values. Size, profitability, growth - characteristics of our company for decades - are all important underpinnings for continued success.