Community Service

Good corporate citizenship has been one of Fidelity's core values since the company was founded. Fidelity is committed to being a good corporate citizen in all of the communities we work and live in.

Every year, thousands of Fidelity employees volunteer their time to help make a difference in communities around the country. Whether they're rolling up their sleeves to paint classrooms at schools, hosting financial education workshops, or tutoring inner-city children, they're passionate about change and they’re achieving it every day. Do you want to make a difference? At Fidelity, you can. Here's how.

Your personal commitment

Fidelity Cares - Last year, more than 10,000 Fidelity employees volunteered through Fidelity Cares with nonprofit organizations across the country—three-fourths of those volunteer hours were focused on education and financial education initiatives. With Fidelity Cares, you can find a volunteer opportunity that matches your passion, connects you with your colleagues, develops your leadership skills, and gives back to your community.

Fidelity's business commitment

Fidelity Charitable® - Fidelity Charitable® was established with the mission of providing programs that make charitable giving simple and effective. As a Fidelity employee you are able to establish a Giving Account® with a low minimum initial contribution of $1000, and will also be eligible to participate in the Fidelity Charitable® Employee Match program.

Our joint commitment

Environmental stewardship - Fidelity has a history of establishing and maintaining high standards of environmental responsibility.

  • A member of the U.S. Green Building Council, we are leading the charge for eco-friendly building design, including best practices in energy and water conservation, recycling, atmospheric emissions, and waste and land management.
  • Fidelity recycles more than 3 million pounds of paper each year in the New England region.
  • Fidelity's focus on energy efficiency has resulted in savings of 40 million kilowatt-hours of electricity since 2002 - a reduction in greenhouse gases equivalent to removing 4,800 cars from the road or planting 7,600 acres of forest.

Fidelity Cares Community Service

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