Environment - We Take Green Seriously

At Fidelity, we strive to show continuous improvement in everything we do, from how we run our business to the impact we may have on the environment.

Our environmental sustainability program includes taking steps that produce positive changes, then monitoring the results and adjusting as necessary to make sure we are always progressing towards our goal of reducing our environmental footprint.

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1. Our Commitment

Fidelity’s heritage of financial guidance is embodied in our “green line” branding. But the green line is also a constant reminder of our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint.

In all our businesses, our goal is to direct our efforts where they will yield the greatest reward for our customers, while minimizing waste and its potential impact on the environment.

Key elements of our program include:

  • A corporate policy that applies to all Fidelity businesses and corporate functions
  • A corporate sustainability officer who provides core expertise and manages the program
  • A governance committee to drive performance monitoring and planning

2. Our Focus

We focus our environmental sustainability efforts on the tangible steps we can take to minimize the effect our operations may have on the environment. In that regard, we focus on reducing our consumption of resources such as paper, water, and energy through a variety of initiatives:

  • Electronic delivery of customer communications
  • Eco-friendly buildings
  • Recycling
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Greener supply chain

3. Our Progress

As we continue to strive to reduce waste and increase efficiency, our efforts so far have paid off with measurable results.


  • 18% Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduction since 2007
  • 72% Corporate real estate LEED® Certified
  • 56% Paper suppression rate through eDelivery
Environment Community

Fidelity Associates - John Kelly and John Hincks are helping to drive electronic customer communications.

"Electronic delivery of customer communications benefits customers, companies and the environment. Today, 92% of Fidelity’s financial communications are enabled for eDelivery."

4. Our Goals

Over the past few years, we’ve made significant progress toward reducing our environmental impact. Going forward, our goals tie to company initiatives that improve the customer experience and drive efficiency in our operations.

We’ve set aggressive goals for 2017, including:

  • Achieving a 58% eDelivery paper suppression rate in order to save more than 900 million sheets of paper per year
  • Adopting green-certified or recycled-content paper for 93% of our paper needs to save more than 23,000 trees per year
  • Reducing our data center footprint by 20% to save enough energy to power more than 1,300 homes each year
  • Expanding LEED® certification to 80% of the North American corporate real estate portfolio to more than 7 million square feet of green office space

Through these initiatives, Fidelity believes it can make a meaningful and lasting difference with regard to environmental sustainability. We will continue to evolve our efforts as we learn about new ways to minimize consumption and manage resources.