By Stephanie, Principal Product Designer

FIND YOUR FIDELITY with purpose.
I have the autonomy and resources to help make people’s lives easier.

With a background in Industrial Design, Stephanie came to Fidelity based on a recommendation from a co-worker. The company’s mission of strengthening the financial well-being of our clients inspired her. In her role as a product designer, she cares about the customer experience and company focus on helping make people’s lives easier and better. Learn more about Stephanie and what she has found at Fidelity.  

Making Customers’ Lives Better

Money is complicated. There are a lot of situations that can come up and it’s important for people to understand what they can do with their money so they can feel secure in the lives or futures that they want. Whether it’s going to college, getting a first job, or retiring, money really does make the world go round. And especially over this past year, it has been critical to help our customers with their financial well-being.

I started at Fidelity almost three years ago and since I joined, I’ve learned a ton about my own financial situation. I feel like I can be an evangelist for finances at this point!

As part of my role, my main goal is to make people’s lives easier when it comes to learning about and managing their money. I like that Fidelity has a clear direction and purpose for this and that I play a part in that mission. At the end of the day we’re helping people manage their money better – and making their lives better in turn.

A Job with Many Hats and Room to Grow

I think a lot of people think working in financial services is boring, but it’s really not! Ultimately as a product designer, I care about the products I’m putting out for customers to use and there are always new technologies or platforms coming out that we incorporate into our product work to make the experiences better.

In my role, I get to wear many hats – from product designer, to marketing, to data, to management – to do the work that I do. And I really like not focusing on one thing all the time. It’s always something new or exciting or different.

Specifically, I work for Fidelity Labs, our in-house fintech incubator, and was excited for the opportunity to learn how to build and scale a business. I enjoy the autonomy and resources we have to do right by our customers.

One of the things I’ve seen at Fidelity is a real focus on growth and development. Are you looking to try something new? Where do you see yourself in five years? It’s not just rhetoric – I have seen a lot of my coworkers progress in their career here and I know I have the support to develop as well.

Making Associates’ Lives Better

One of the benefits that really stands out at Fidelity is the 7% 401(k) match. I’ve never worked for a company that offers such a generous retirement benefit. My sister works in a different industry and only receives a 1% match! So, I really appreciate having this as part of my overall package of benefits from the company. It’s comforting knowing that I’m on track for saving for retirement.

Last year when the pandemic struck, we received additional benefits to help support us. Whether it was Covid-relief days to help with unexpected events or resources for mental and emotional health, Fidelity focused on making our lives easier so we could do the same for our customers.

And along those lines, I was extremely impressed with the way Abby Johnson handled associate communications during the pandemic. She and the leadership team communicated to us often and kept us updated on what the thinking was around the pandemic. Having that level of transparency from our CEO is important.

I’m excited to have the resources I need to do my job and, also, I think the people are great! I haven’t met anyone who is NOT helpful in this job. People are always willing to help out, and if they don’t know an answer, they will connect you with the right people. And I really appreciated the friendly and welcoming culture that I experienced when I started.

Think a financial services career isn’t meant for you?  Think again.