By Justin, Client Solutions Consultant

“The best part of my job is the opportunity to multiply my impact.”

My not-so-typical path to Fidelity

I started my career in the nonprofit world, working with children and adults with disabilities or medical issues. After 10 years, I was working on a grant that unfortunately lost its funding. That’s when I found myself at a crossroads, needing to find another job.

My brother-in-law worked at Fidelity and encouraged me to apply. To me, the company had always exemplified integrity. That was important to me, so I thought I’d give it a try.

As a financial representative, I spoke with customers about their finances and learned how to best support their individual needs. Through Fidelity, I was able to earn my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM certification and Certified Equity Professional designation to better help people manage their finances and plan for the future.

When I learned there was a specialized certification called the Chartered Special Needs Consultant®, I knew that working at Fidelity was my calling. Because I’d worked with individuals with disabilities and am a special needs caregiver myself, I wanted to find ways to continue to champion this community.

This would be a perfect way to blend my two passions – advocating on behalf of the special needs community and making a difference in people’s lives.

A mission of caregiving

While I enjoyed working one-on-one with customers, I had the opportunity to move into a client solutions role in which I could impact potentially thousands of customers through the work I’d be doing. For example, I’ve been able to help develop educational content as well as pilot ways that we can better serve them in our local branches.

The opportunity to multiply my impact was appealing to me. I now have the chance to bring new ideas and offerings to Fidelity customers and associates by representing their voices, and that’s exciting.

One of the things about Fidelity that surprised me is the culture of being customer obsessed. Realizing how many of my colleagues genuinely care about our customers was a very pleasant surprise for me.

Finding depth and connection

As a special needs caregiver, I recognized the need to support customers going through a similar situation to me. So, I joined Enable, one of our employee resource groups, which serves people of all abilities.

The group supports and advocates for anyone affected by disability, whether a customer, associate, or both. It can be someone who has a disability or a caregiver or ally. And we’ve learned that disabilities can be hidden as well as temporary or permanent.

Being part of Enable has helped me connect with others in similar situations. I’ve met some of my closest colleagues at Fidelity through Enable.

Even though professionally I’ve supported people with disabilities for 15 years, it still brings me joy to see someone sharing their story, often for the first time. That person is coming out of their shell and becoming more of who they are, showing themselves to their colleagues, their team, and the world. I recognize that I’m blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this experience with many of my colleagues.

Currently, I’m on the national leadership team for Enable, working on our allyship and intersectionality efforts across the company. Employee resource groups not only foster a sense of community but also help us learn from one another. I work with our nine other affinity groups to build and strengthen our connections, and we recognize that no person is one-dimensional. There are so many aspects that make up who we are and that we want to consider the whole person.

Offering the opportunity to belong to affinity groups is good for the company. Fidelity realizes that employees who feel connected and have a sense of purpose are going to be more productive. And, being able to drive cultural change within the company, and in our communities and beyond, is an example of good corporate stewardship.

Striving to make the world better

I want to leave the cupboard fuller than when I came. This mantra inspires me to be someone who gives more than he takes. Every day I look for opportunities to encourage a colleague, contribute my experience or knowledge, or just give back to the community.

Fidelity gives you many ways to serve, whether it’s through Fidelity Cares, our volunteer organization, or our everyday interactions. I get excited about finding new ways to do that each day, and I’m proud to work for a company whose values align with my own.

Think a financial services career isn’t meant for you?  Think again.