• Finding a Professional Purpose

    Watch an inspirational story.

  • Branch Manager Perspectives

    Branch Manager Perspectives

    Hear from our Branch Managers.

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    Technology Careers

    Learn about working in technology.

  • Fidelity Careers: Hear from our employees building their career within Fidelity Branches

    Fidelity Careers: Building a Branch Career

    Several employees discuss building their careers within Fidelity Branches.

  • Get to know Doug

    Get to know Doug

    Branch Manager Doug is always looking for new challenges, whether it's helping customers from inside his Sacramento branch office or climbing mountains outside it.

  • Get to know Art

    Get to know Art

    Art left a job on Wall Street to work for Fidelity. Learn why this Account Executive now says he has now found a home.

  • Get to know Tricia

    Get to know Tricia

    Cats, motorcycles, retirement planning and Fidelity. Learn more about all of Tricia’s passions.