Dynamic Working

Building a workplace
That works for everyone.

At the heart of Fidelity is a vibrant, customer-obsessed culture that brings the best ideas and talent together to help more people live the life they want.

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A blended approach

On-screen and face-to-face, nothing is more important for helping our people, clients, and company thrive -which is why we’re adopting a dynamic approach that blends the best of working offsite with coming together in person.

There’s no “one size fits all” solution for a company like ours -so we’ll be listening, learning and refining along the way to balance needs and create conditions to do our best work together.

While some work simply happens best onsite, most teams will have a flexible, consistent balance of home and office that supports the needs of your role, experience level, and working style.

How will it work?

Our goal is to blend the best of working remote with coming together in person. For most teams, you’ll have a balance between time at home and the office based on what works best for your role, experience level, and working style.

We don’t have all the answers yet for what the future of work will look like, but the voices of associates like you will shape the decisions we make – and we’re committed to a transparent process, keeping our associates updated as our thinking evolves.

Abby Johnson, Chairman & CEO

“Working in locations together is essential for a strong culture. We firmly believe the connections we build in our offices are key to our associate’s growth and success.”

-Abby Johnson, Chairman & CEO

It’s our goal to merge the best of working from the office and from home, balancing flexibility and business needs.

– Bill Ackerman, Head of Human Resources


While our absolute top priority is safety, we’ll also be laser focused on further supercharging Fidelity’s strong culture.

Enabling more connections

Enabling more connections

between people and teams to build lasting relationships that fuel individual growth and collective success.

Creating new opportunities

for more people in more places, with career paths less constrained by physical boundaries.

Delivering a “best of both”

Delivering a “best of both”

experience with energetic offices intentionally designed around creativity and collaboration – while saving space for “heads down” focus, productivity, and time for ourselves or our family at home.

Injecting more variety…

fun, and inspiration into our daily routines to help shake things up, spark new ideas, and shape our new norms together.